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Ausure Insurance Broking Services understands the agriculture and farming industry well. Our Managing Director Sam Hunter has had the experience of growing up and working on his family farm located at Bribbaree. While working, he was able to gain knowledge of the farming industry from both his grandfather and father who have been on the land all their life.

Ausure Insurance Broking Services understands the day to day activities that farmers do, the expenses that are involved, the love farmers have for the land and how passionate they are about their jobs. We also understand the large amount of risks that are involved whether it is bailing hay or contract harvesting, along with the continuing change in the Australian climate and the harsh environmental events farmers may encounter such as flood, fire, storm or drought.

Farm Insurance is complex and there are many covers available. Contact Ausure to arrange a full review on your current farm insurances or to establish a new policy for you.


Farm Insurance covers a wide range of items including:
  • Farm buildings & contents
  • Farm structures
  • Farm interruption
  • Hay, livestock & fencing
  • Farm machinery
  • Motor
  • Working dogs
  • Domestic home & contents
  • Farm legal liability
  • Theft
  • Transit
  • General property
  • Machinery breakdown.
Optional Covers:
  • Management liability
  • Additional working cost cover
  • Removal of debris
  • Unspecified farm buildings & structures
  • Contracting activities
  • Agreed value on vehicles.


Crop Insurance provides cover for:
  • Hail damage
  • Fire damage
  • Chemical overspray
  • Livestock intrusion
  • Baled hay from harvested crops
  • Grain stored in silos or field bins.
Optional Covers:
  • Reducing excess cover
  • Market value cover
  • Fixed value cover
  • Fixed benefit cover
  • Standing straw/stubble cover
  • Multi-peril crop insurance.


Livestock insurance can cover a high valued individual animal such as a ram or bull for:
  • Death due to accident, illness and disease
  • Loss of use following an accident or illness
  • Death caused by accident during transit.
Optional Covers:
  • Theft.


Contract farming activities such as contract harvesting and carting are insurable. We are able to offer cover on your vehicles and public liability for:
  • Contracting activities up to 50% of your total turnover under your farm pack
  • Cover for businesses that do 100% contracting
  • General property cover for tools and portable equipment.


Old Woolshed used on Richlands property


Maurice Hunter riding a horse with his grandfather Laurie Hunter at the Bribbaree Show


Maurice Hunter driving a Super 70 Chamberlain with Francis “General Manager” of Hamelin & Hamelin. The wheat type was Bordon and went 23 bags winning the Riverina Crop Competition


Maurice Hunter & son Michael Hunter shedding wethers for crutching


Binding sheaf hay at Richlands


Drought causing dust storms


Contract harvesting in Walgett


Maurice Hunter harvesting


Shearing season completed at Richlands


Dam levels low due to drought


Aerial view of Richlands


Matthew Hunter harvesting on his property Westwood

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