Business Insurance

Business Insurance provides cover for your business premises and contents against unexpected events such as fire, flood, storm and theft.

It also offers protection against financial loss experienced from an insured interruption to your business. There are a wide range of business insurance products available in the market, coverage for your business will depend on your occupation, business structure and activities, as well as the level you will need.

Ausure Insurance Broking Services can assist you with all of the following:

Ausure Business Insurance Solutions

Business Pack Insurance

Business package insurance includes cover for property, business interruption, theft, money, machinery breakdown, electronic equipment, goods in transit, public and products liability, audit costs, glass breakage, employee dishonestly and general property cover.

Trades Pack

Trades packages are specialised insurance products designed to cater for mobile occupations such as builders, electricians and plumbers.  They include tools of trade, public liability, personal accident and illness and motor.

Goods In Transit (Marine/Cargo) Insurance

Goods in transit insurance provides cover for goods while they are in transit by road, rail, sea or air.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability provides cover for when the insured is found liable or at fault for causing loss or damage to somebody else or their property.

Management Liability

Management liability insurance provides defense costs and then covers fines if you breach the legislation relevant in your industry, due to negligence. (i.e. your liability for mismanagement).

Motor Fleet Insurance

Commercial motor fleet insurance is ideal for businesses that have more than 15 commercial vehicles. This coverage allows you to bundle all your vehicles into the one policy and will often have additional benefits specific for business such as sign writing, greater driver flexibility and higher legal liability limits.

Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance covers financial losses that result from data breaches. Some events that are covered are claims against you for privacy breach and loss of employee, personal or corporate information; loss or damage to your IT systems, records and data; and liability arising from a hacker attack or virus.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance protects occupations offering advice such as lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers and architects against claims of negligence or breach of duty made by a client from your business. If someone claims that you have made a mistake, overlooked a critical piece of information or they have misinterpreted you in the course of your work, and this results in a financial loss for your client, then they may take legal action against you to recover these losses.

Strata Insurance

Strata insurance is insurance for residential or commercial blocks with shared areas. The owner’s corporation (also known as the body corporate) is obliged to take out cover to protect the building, common property and common area contents of a strata scheme. Owners of strata titles typically share the premium costs of strata insurance as part of their strata fees and liabilities.

Industrial Special Risks

Industrial special risk is a broader form of business insurance which provides a more suitable level of indemnity for organisations who have high value assets and multiple properties, generally over $5 million. The benefit of this policy is access to higher additional benefit limits such as additional working costs and claims preparation and you can have multiple situations listed and covered on the one policy.

Contract Works Insurance

Contract works insurance covers physical loss or damage to the contract works during construction as well as third party liabilities.

Occupations we can insure

  • Motels

  • Bowling clubs

  • All trades

  • Pubs & hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Engineering risks

  • Anything retail related

  • Property owners

  • Office related/medical suites

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